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Raising and Training Myle's Way

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Myle Ratchford said, “I can’t remember not being on a horse rodeoing.” Myle was raised on a polled Hereford cattle farm in Elkins, Ark. After graduating from high school, she married and started raising and training horses in Oklahoma. She then moved back to Arkansas in 2008 and brought her op [ ... ]

Growing Bulls and Family

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“That’s the way I like to sell bulls,” could be heard as the gate slammed shut on one trailer, and the next truck and trailer pulled in. It was a good sale day for Keith Cagle of Rose Bud Feeders, LLC, that cool Saturday morning in late March, “$65,000 worth of bulls in just a couple of hour [ ... ]

Diversified Dream Come True

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Jason Lawler returned home to Eureka Springs, Ark., in 2006 to help his grandfather Paul Hull on their 320-acre highly diversified farm. Jason said, “I came back after being gone for a short while because it’s all I know and what I love.” For economic reasons, Jason also works for the Carroll  [ ... ]

Missouri Neighbor Stories

The Preaching Farmer

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He has been known as the Racin’ Reverend and the pastor with the unforgettable name but in recent years, Reverend Jack Daniel has ‘come home’ to El Dorado Springs, Mo., to his roots as a farmer and to once again pastor the local First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) after a near 30-year [ ... ]

Growing Great Genetics

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For the last decade, Robert Brooks has watched his dreams come to fruition on the same soil where his great-grandparents built their dreams years ago. As he glances at a hill near his home, Robert’s smile widens and he said, “I have pictures of my dad when he was 9 years old standing on that hil [ ... ]

Tested and Approved

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Steve Stewart runs cattle on his dad’s farm in Christian County near Spokane, Mo. His dad had cattle as long as Steve could remember. Steve said, “I think I bought my first ones in 2002. The first ones I bought were Gelbvieh and then I started looking at the Balancers and the hybrid vigor. So I  [ ... ]

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Busting Diet Myths

When we notice a person is losing weight or getting healthier our first question tends to be “what’s your secret?” [ ... ]

Lookout for this Tiny Culprit

A typical Ozarks farm includes grassy pastures, wooded areas and animals ranging from livestock to deer to family pets  [ ... ]

Digging Your Way to Healthy

Gardening, no matter the type of gardening, flowers or food, there’s something about putting your hands in the dirt, d [ ... ]

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Maintaining Healthy Pastures

Producers who have a warm- and cool-season forage base should pay attention to the transition between spring and summer  [ ... ]

The Art of Stocking Pastures

A number of factors go into determining what the stocking rate should be on a given cattle operation. According to Dr. T [ ... ]

Creating the Right Mix

In years past agricultural producers had only current market prices and the elements to contend with when making decisio [ ... ]

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