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Profits Derived from Health Protocol

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Roy Griffith and sons, Kyle and Shane Griffith, own over 2,000 acres outside of Talihina, Okla., where they raise commercial cattle in addition to Shane’s registered Black Angus bull herd and Kyle’s F1 Tigerstripe herd. Kyle works full time on the ranch while Roy’s day job is as an administrat [ ... ]

No Staggering Cattle

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Winter forage quality can effect the health of a herd by limiting the source of feeding, especially if the mineral content of the forage is unknown. Supplementation is required when tested forage lack in essential macrominerals. Lacking in the required macrominerals can cause a metabolic disorder in [ ... ]

A Dairy Destiny

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Don Crawley’s mother and father got married and settled land in 1922 outside of Maysville, Ark. Don said, “In the 1930s when I was a boy, life was milking a few cows and raising a few laying hens. Now we just do it on a bigger scale.” Don’s earliest agricultural memory is milking when he was [ ... ]

Missouri Neighbor Stories

Vet on Wheels

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Given the high price of cattle these days, a veterinarian can be one of a producer’s most valued business partners.

Developing a Family of Farmers

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Dennis Lynch steps out of his truck on this sunny, 20-degree day in Douglas County, with lightness in his gait. The 60-year-old cowboy, as he refers to himself, effortlessly lifts a bag of feed and starts pouring the cubes in a long row on the frozen ground. His audience in this field is a herd of c [ ... ]

One Lesson at a Time

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Where Bill and Linda Yarberry live might be similar to a small village. Their mailing address says Milo, but Milo has only about 90 people and takes up a whopping 52 acres of land just east of I-49 in Vernon County, between Lamar and Nevada, Mo.

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Smart Supplements for Small Ruminants

Any stockman worth his salt recognizes that the changing of the seasons brings a whole new set of challenges to the farm [ ... ]

Is Creep Feed Worth the Gain?

As feed prices have gone down and cattle prices have gone up, it’s become more attractive to consider creep feeding fa [ ... ]

Time to Supplement?

Almost every farmer or rancher has encountered a situation where the body condition of their livestock begins to decline [ ... ]

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A Calf’s First Line of Defense

As your cow gets ready to calve, make sure she’s able to pass her own good health on to her offspring.

Call the Vet or Do it Yourself?

When your animals are suffering a crisis, it’s always best to contact your veterinarian. But there are routine situati [ ... ]

Frost Seeding Considerations

If you couldn’t drill clover into your pastures in the fall, you can still scatter it on them in the winter.

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