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The Code of the West

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The code of the West is that a man’s word is as good as his bond. This is the philosophy behind Chimney Rock Cattle Company and the GENETRUST partnership.

Goat Knowledge from the Ground Up

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Assessing goats should begin with the reason why you are choosing to breed and raise them. Mother, Debbie and daughter, Kellie Williams, of Chelsea, Okla., made a careful selection process when they decided to raise goats on their Misty Moon Farm. “You need to learn about your animals then you can [ ... ]

Offering Something other than Black

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Ken and Charla Myers live southeast of Siloam Springs, Ark., where Ken is a full-time farmer and Charla an elementary education and ESL teacher in Fayetteville, Ark., with 29 years of experience behind her. The couple lives on 120 acres and farms another 80 acres of Ken’s grandmother’s estate. T [ ... ]

Missouri Neighbor Stories

Striving for Show Winning Spots

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When Robert Todd hit the age threshold for showing cattle and hogs through FFA, he walked away from the show ring thinking he had closed that chapter of his life for good. But now, after almost a decade, Robert’s back in the ring, but this time it’s all for his kids. “It is basically set up fo [ ... ]

More than a Pretty Package

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Four generations of the Pitts family have made their home and living on a Missouri Century Farm in Hickory County with the fifth generation currently joining in on the tradition.

Tricks that Push the Limit

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When the Trixie Chicks Trick Riders gallop into an arena the audience holds its breath, mouths drop and eyes pop wide. The stunts these riders accomplish make even their own parents nervous, really nervous. “My parents have only been to two or three performances,” admitted Ashlee Hearod. With st [ ... ]

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A Look at Legumes

“Adding legumes to grass pasture is their primary use in the Ozarks area,” said Robert Kallenbach, professor and sta [ ... ]

Taking the Time to Tag

There’s been a “tremendous rise” in the number of ranchers using ear tags, according to University of Missouri Ext [ ... ]

ATVs in Agriculture

ATVs and UTVs are becoming more and more popular these days – and when you look at everything they can do, it is no wo [ ... ]

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All Natural or Through the Tube?

“I would predict that only about 15-20 percent of producers in the Ozarks area take advantage of artificial inseminati [ ... ]

A Look at Legumes

“Adding legumes to grass pasture is their primary use in the Ozarks area,” said Robert Kallenbach, professor and sta [ ... ]

From Pasture to Winter Feed

It’s the season to switch dairy herds from pastures to winter feed, and that transition is best managed in stages, acc [ ... ]

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