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The Future of Farming

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There is no doubt that times are a changing. Technology is rapidly invading every aspect of daily living. This shift begun to change the face of farming and ranching from manual field monitoring to what one high school student hopes will change once labor-intensive activities to a more cost effectiv [ ... ]

Hooked On Goats

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John and Cheryl Pickering met 20 years ago at a convenience store when John was working construction in Gentry, Ark.

Focusing on Honestly

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Although it’s in the middle of the White County town of Searcy, Ark., the sign over the barn reads, “Arkansas Cattle Auction.”

Missouri Neighbor Stories

Woman’s Dream Leads her to Watusis

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While other children dreamed of being doctors or lawyers, Cindi Darling dreamed of moving to Africa and making her living working with wildlife. While that particular dream remained unrealized, Cindi raised a few exotic animals in California but wanted to expand her operation. At the time she was es [ ... ]

Stars in the Beef Industry

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Smoky gray and brown cattle graze across lush, rolling pastures near Morrisville, Mo.

Carving His Own Path

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Once upon a time in the West, according to cowboy lore and Hollywood legend, cattlemen and sheep herders didn’t mix, but fortunately for 17-year-old Derek Miller of rural Dallas County, Mo., times have changed.

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Hiring Help?

Adding an employee brings a number of additional responsibilities, liabilities and legal requirements. Some regulations  [ ... ]

Discovering the Value of Your Farm

What is your business worth? Is it worth a million dollars? It may be, but to know you must discover the net worth of yo [ ... ]

Investments of the Highest Caliber

Investment. It’s a term that is being heard more and more often by myself and others in the banking industry.

Additional Arkansas Stories

More from Missouri

Flooding in the Ozarks

For farmers and ranchers in the Ozarks, the summer of 2015 brought rain, rain and more rain.

Blue-Green Algae Can Be Fatal

Something that’s often called “algae” really isn’t. But it can be deadly.

Early Weaning: Is it Practical?

If you can handle the increased management and facilities needed, early weaning calves can be a sound idea.

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