Arkansas Neighbor Stories

Ropes, Roping Stock and Chicks

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Don Smith of Hogden, Okla., was raised in Kiowa, home of famous country-western singer and TV personality Reba McEntire. In fact, Reba and Don are cousins with Reba’s father, Clark, being a major influence in Don becoming a professional cowboy and in meeting his wife. Don and Susan met at a rodeo  [ ... ]

Cashing in on Crops and Cattle

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This is the story of a young couple deciding to build a farm from scratch, something unusual in this day and age. Cody Hays, now of Gentry, Ark., met his future wife Carrie when he was a junior in college at the University of Arkansas. Cody said, “Land prices are too high to make a purchase viable [ ... ]

Cattle from Our Past

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Two couples, Bryan and Amber Bench, and Randy and Nancy Williams, have combined their skills and resources to form Nature’s Green Grass Farms. Their goal is to raise tender and tasty grass-fed beef using nothing but what nature provides. They have chosen Devon cattle as the breed for their Everton [ ... ]

Missouri Neighbor Stories

The Preaching Farmer

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He has been known as the Racin’ Reverend and the pastor with the unforgettable name but in recent years, Reverend Jack Daniel has ‘come home’ to El Dorado Springs, Mo., to his roots as a farmer and to once again pastor the local First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) after a near 30-year [ ... ]

Growing Great Genetics

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For the last decade, Robert Brooks has watched his dreams come to fruition on the same soil where his great-grandparents built their dreams years ago. As he glances at a hill near his home, Robert’s smile widens and he said, “I have pictures of my dad when he was 9 years old standing on that hil [ ... ]

Tested and Approved

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Steve Stewart runs cattle on his dad’s farm in Christian County near Spokane, Mo. His dad had cattle as long as Steve could remember. Steve said, “I think I bought my first ones in 2002. The first ones I bought were Gelbvieh and then I started looking at the Balancers and the hybrid vigor. So I  [ ... ]

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Farm Bill Facts

Coming in at 959 pages, and with the unwieldy name of H.R. 2642 or the Agricultural Act of 2014, the Farm Bill, was sign [ ... ]

The Rise of Precision Technology

Automatic section controls (ASC) are the latest of a suite of technological devices that can help farmers use crop input [ ... ]

How do you Hedge?

There are a number of tools available to crop producers who want to hedge the value of their production – and dramatic [ ... ]

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Maintaining Healthy Pastures

Producers who have a warm- and cool-season forage base should pay attention to the transition between spring and summer  [ ... ]

The Art of Stocking Pastures

A number of factors go into determining what the stocking rate should be on a given cattle operation. According to Dr. T [ ... ]

Creating the Right Mix

In years past agricultural producers had only current market prices and the elements to contend with when making decisio [ ... ]

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